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Dental Services & Tooth Extractions in Vancouver, WA

At Payless 4 Teeth in Vancouver, Washington, we offer our patients a wide selection of dental services, including tooth extractions, dental fillings, and denture services. Contact us today to begin receiving affordable dental care.

Tooth Extractions
When you need tooth extraction, trust out trained dentists to take it out for you. Tooth extractions may be simple or surgical. For instance, if you have complete and partial bony wisdom impactions or other impacted teeth, the procedure can be more complicated. These services are available by appointment or walk-ins, though we recommend that you make an appointment for faster service.

Dental Fillings
When part of your tooth's structure has worn away, let us provide you with dental fillings. At our office, we only use white fillings so they look as close to the natural color of your teeth, and all of our fillings are mercury-free for your safety.

Fillings, Dental Services, Tooth Extractions in Vancouver, WA

Denture Services
For excellent partial or full dentures, you've come to the right place. With our denture services, you don't have to wait forever to get your dentures back. We order the dentures before we extract your teeth, so you are able to leave with your dentures immediately after. Flexible dentures are also available, and these are usually more soft and comfortable than conventional dentures.

Contact us in Vancouver, WA, to schedule an appointment for tooth extractions, dental fillings, or other dental services.